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Credit Card Orders

Credit card orders must include the billing address of the cardholder, card expiration date, and phone number.

Privacy Policy

Scholars Resource never provides any mailing list information, nor any information on usage, to any outside party. We will never sell, exchange, or give away your information.

A note on cookies: This site uses "cookies" to remember who you are from page to page. Without this technology, the web site doesn't "know" who you are as you move through the site, and thus cannot keep track of things you order. If you have cookies turned off (or are using a browser that doesn't support them), you will receive an error message whenever you try to order something. This cookie does not store any personal information. You may browse the site without logging in; however we require that you provide your email address and a password in order to store lists of items. We do this so we can recall your list when you return to our site.

Credit Card Policy: We do not maintain online records of your credit card information. Each time you order, you will be asked to re-enter your credit card number. This is done for your protection.