Products: Digital Images

The Forefront of Digital

Bring your institution up to speed.

Digital images are increasingly replacing slides in art history programs at colleges and universities around the world. Offering the best visual documentation of works of art, Scholars Resource continues to be at the forefront.

Digital images must be easy to use, store, and access.

To meet these goals, all digital images are available in a range of formats and sizes. Scholars Resource is continually investing in state-of-the-art, in-house photographic and scanning equipment. This, along with an emphasis on quality standards during our processes, ensures that images are of the highest quality possible.

Catalog Data Files

  • Each order includes complete catalog information provided in two standard digital formats for easy importing into virtually any cataloging or database package.
  • If for some reason our standard formats are not compatible with your system, Scholars Resource can customize a format to suit your needs.

JPEG Image Files (Ultra or High Resolution)

  • Automatically receive the screen size & thumbnail versions of each image for use in database searches and course web pages.
  • Upgrade at any time to a higher resolution.
  • Your previous investment is applied and you pay only the difference in the fees to upgrade.

Master Images Files

  • Master image files are available to you as a JPEG file or, for an additional charge, receive it in MrSID or TIFF format.
  • Customize a size or format to better suit your database needs.

Image & File Formats

Scholars Resource offers a variety of resolution options, from 2048 x 3072 pixels down to thumbnail size. Images are generally provided in four sizes. The chart shown below illustrates the various JPEG formats and their uses.

File Type Resolution (pixels) Format Uses
Ultra High Resolution 2048 x 3072 Ideal for detailed study at individual work stations and for zooming into details.
High Resolution 1024 x 1536 Good for detailed study at individual work stations, and for high quality projection in classrooms.
Screen Size 512 x 768 Great for general studying and projection in class. Can be linked to a higher resolution file to allow zooming.
Thumbnail 128 x 192 Perfect for browsing through many images, for example in a class syllabus or in a "light table" view in a database to allow quick selection of images. Can be made available on the web.