What Sets Scholars Resource Apart?

Scholars Resource is the only marketplace where educational institutions can license digital images in perpetuity from multiple sources.

Perpetual Licensing

Scholars Resource licenses images for classroom teaching and research use for a perpetual term. We believe it is vital that you can count on those resources to be there year after year. (All of our images are copyrighted. For permission to use an image, please contact us and we will refer your request to the appropriate vendor for consideration.)

Licensing for classroom teaching and research use in perpetuity is a bold position to take and it is unique in the field. There are no figures to budget in the future, the faculty can depend on the resources, administrators know what they can count on, the visual resources collections have a cohesive, tangible, local core set of images that they can build on, students can access images in future terms to reinforce their learning.

No Wasted Funds

License just what you need and not a bundled collection of images. You can license any number of individual images or any of our sets including ones that support broad survey courses, a specific textbook or an in-depth area of study.

Rich, Relevant Content

Ultimately, the strength of Scholars Resource lies in our content. Scholars Resource looks across the field, assesses the resources needed for the teaching curriculum, and brings those resources to the market. Our images have been carefully chosen to fit the needs of art, art history, architecture, and other humanities departments.

Breadth of the Collection

This extensive resource of over 116,000 images provides comprehensive coverage of works of art essential for teaching Ancient Art, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Non-Western, Early Christian, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Nineteenth Century, Impressionism, American Art, Art of the Americas and Contemporary Art and Architecture.

Textbook sets combine the available offerings from all vendors and scholar sources to provide the most complete digital image accompaniment to the core survey texts.

By combining collections, Scholars Resource can offer in-depth and more specialized coverage than any one vendor can on its own. We will continue to grow our collection with images from art historians, museums and other sources to further enhance teaching and research in art history and increasingly in other disciplines as well.

Efficient Resource for Collection Building

Our images and metadata allow you to immediately replace your analog collection with an easily searchable, high-quality digital image library, saving you time and resources.

All images are delivered in consistent file formats, image resolutions and data formats which make for flexibility in use and simplify integration within individual technology environments. Consistent catalog metadata provided for each image can be tailored to align with your database structure.

The Scholars Resource website allows you to search across multiple collections at one time, to create custom groupings based on these various sources; to create wish lists, filtering duplication as well as single invoicing and point-of-contact for questions and customer service.

Integrated solutions provide you with a complete digital image database system, including server hardware and software, with images and metadata integrated before delivery to your site. We can build a digital image database system for you based on the most popular solutions available: Madison Digital Image Database (MDID), Gallery Systems. EmbARK, and Luna Imaging's Insight.