Textbook Sets

Textbook Sets combine offerings from all Scholars Resource contributors to provide the most complete digital image accompaniment to the core survey texts.

All Textbook Set images were photographed directly in front of the work of art, under controlled lighting conditions, with original film produced in volume - creating a richness of images superior to those created from books or duplicate slides.

These images (and their metadata) provide a searchable, high-quality teaching resource that is a must-have basis for any course.

Textbook Superset
Textbook Superset
Description: CDR-4000 / CDR-4050
Author: Scholars Resource
Basic Set: 5,952 views
Expanded Set: 30,154 views
Gardner's Art Through the Ages
Gardner's Art Through the Ages, 13th edition
Description: CDR-1154 / CDR-1155
Author: Fred S. Kleiner
Basic Set: 839 views
Expanded Set: 6,982 views
Janson's History of Art
Janson's History of Art, 8th edition
Description: CDR-1164 / CDR-1165
Author: Davies, Denny, Hofrichter, Jacobs, Roberts, & Simo
Basic Set: 828 views
Expanded Set: 7,014 views
ART HISTORY, Fourth Edition
Description: CDR-1241 / CDR-1242
Author: Marilyn Stokstad; Michael W. Cothren
Basic Set: 817 views
Expanded Set: 6,312 views
History of Modern Art
History of Modern Art, Sixth Edition
Description: CDR-1253 / CDR-1254
Author: H. H. Arnason & Elizabeth C. Mansfield
Basic Set: 801 views
Expanded Set: 2,841 views
History of Italian Renaissance Art
History of Italian Renaissance Art, 7th ed.
Description: CDR-2525 / CDR-2526
Author: Hartt & Wilkins
Basic Set: 372 views
Expanded Set: 3,024 views
The Humanities: Culture, Continuity & Change
The Humanities: Culture, Continuity & Change, Volume I, Prehistory to 1600
Description: CDR-1245 / CDR-1246
Author: Henry M. Sayre
Basic Set: 242 views
Expanded Set: 1,702 views
The Humanities: Culture, Continuity & Change
The Humanities: Culture, Continuity & Change, Volume II, 1600 to the Present
Description: CDR-1243 / CDR-1244
Author: Henry M. Sayre
Basic Set: 131 views
Expanded Set: 663 views
Roman Art
Roman Art, Fifth Edition
Description: CDR-1247 / CDR-1248
Author: Nancy H. Ramage, Andrew Ramage
Basic Set: 168 views
Expanded Set: 1,362 views
Medieval Art
Medieval Art, 2nd ed.
Description: CDR-1063 / CDR-1062
Author: Stokstad, Marilyn
Basic Set: 170 views
Expanded Set: 2,185 views
Art History
Art History, Third Edition
Description: CDR-5020 / CDR-5021
Author: Marilyn Stokstad
Basic Set: 712 views
Expanded Set: 5,325 views
Exploring Art: A Global Thematic Approach
Exploring Art: A Global Thematic Approach, Fourth Edition
Description: CDR-1265 / CDR-1266
Author: Margaret Lazzari and Dona Schlesier
Basic Set: 264 views
Expanded Set: 2,374 views
Art Across Time
Art Across Time, 2nd ed.
Description: CDR-2480a / CDR-2481
Author: Schneider Adams
Basic Set: 362 views
Expanded Set: 2,089 views
Northern Renaissance Art
Northern Renaissance Art, 2nd ed.
Description: CDR-2441 / CDR-2442
Author: James Snyder
Basic Set: 210 views
Expanded Set: 737 views
Nineteenth-Century European Art
Nineteenth-Century European Art, 2nd Edition
Description: CDR-1249 / CDR-1250
Author: Petra ten-Doesschate Chu
Basic Set: 242 views
Expanded Set: 913 views
Architecture, 2nd edition
Description: CDR-2432 / CDR-2435
Author: Trachtenberg & Hyman
Basic Set: 653 views
Expanded Set: 10,913 views
A History of Far Eastern Art
A History of Far Eastern Art, 5th Ed.
Description: CDR-2451 / CDR-2452
Author: Lee, Sherman E.
Basic Set: 338 views
Expanded Set: 740 views
Snyder's Medieval Art
Snyder's Medieval Art, 2nd ed
Description: CDR-1231 / CDR-1232
Author: Luttikhuizen and Verkerk
Basic Set: 237 views
Expanded Set: 2,210 views
Art: A History of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
Art: A History of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, 4th ed.
Description: CDR-2414a / CDR-2415
Author: Hartt
Basic Set: 807 views
Expanded Set: 6,808 views
Culture and Values
Culture and Values, 6th ed.
Description: CDR-2484 / CDR-2485
Author: Cunningham & Reich
Basic Set: 295 views
Expanded Set: 2,452 views
Exploring Art. A Global, Thematic Approach
Exploring Art. A Global, Thematic Approach, 3rd edition
Description: CDR-2416 / CDR-2417
Author: Margaret Lazzari, Dona Schlesier
Basic Set: 142 views
Expanded Set: 1,028 views
Discovering Art History
Discovering Art History, 4th ed.
Description: CDR-2420 / CDR-2421
Author: Gerald F. Brommer
Basic Set: 343 views
Expanded Set: 1,353 views
Greek Art and Archaeology
Greek Art and Archaeology, 4th edition
Description: CDR-5010 / CDR-5011
Author: John Griffiths Pedley
Basic Set: 234 views
Expanded Set: 1,530 views
Art and Ideas
Art and Ideas, 10th ed.
Description: CDR-2430 / CDR-2431
Author: Fleming
Basic Set: 172 views
Expanded Set: 1,066 views
Understanding Art
Understanding Art, 7th ed.
Description: CDR-2427 / CDR-2428
Author: Lois Fichner-Rathus
Basic Set: 180 views
Expanded Set: 1,057 views
Artforms, 7th ed. revised
Description: CDR-0051 / CDR-0052
Author: Preble, Duane and Sarah Preble
Basic Set: 129 views
Expanded Set: 686 views
Living with Art
Living with Art, 6th ed.
Description: CDR-2404 / CDR-2403
Author: Gilbert
Basic Set: 216 views
Expanded Set: 826 views
The Visual Arts: A History
The Visual Arts: A History, 6th ed.
Description: CDR-2446 / CDR-2447
Author: Honour & Fleming
Basic Set: 280 views
Expanded Set: 1,937 views
The Story of Art
The Story of Art, 16th ed. revised & expanded
Description: CDR-1135 / CDR-1136
Author: E.H. Gombrich
Basic Set: 233 views
Expanded Set: 1,810 views
Art in Renaissance Italy
Art in Renaissance Italy, Third Edition
Description: CDR-1259 / CDR-1260
Author: John T. Paoletti & Gary M. Radke
Basic Set: 295 views
Expanded Set: 2,393 views
Painting & Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy
Painting & Experience in Fifteenth Century Italy, 2nd ed.
Description: CDR-1261 / CDR-1262
Author: Michael Baxandall
Basic Set: 64 views
Expanded Set: 75 views
Framing America, A Social History of American Art
Framing America, A Social History of American Art, Second Edition
Description: CDR-1269 / CDR-1270
Author: Frances K. Pohl
Basic Set: 207 views
Expanded Set: 921 views
History of Art for Young People
History of Art for Young People, 5th edition
Description: CDR-1271 / CDR-1272
Author: H.W. Janson and A.F. Janson
Basic Set: 357 views
Expanded Set: 2,591 views
Baroque Art
Baroque Art, published 2009
Description: CDR-1286 / CDR-1287
Author: Klaus Carl & Victoria Charles
Basic Set: 70 views
Expanded Set: 566 views
SR Textbook Set: Seventeenth-Century Art & Architecture
SR Textbook Set: Seventeenth-Century Art & Architecture, Second Edition, 2008
Description: CDR-1289 / CDR-1290
Author: Ann Sutherland Harris
Basic Set: 195 views
Expanded Set: 1,401 views