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Art in Renaissance Italy

Art in Renaissance Italy, Third Edition

John T. Paoletti & Gary M. Radke

Basic Digital Images Set

The Basic Digital Images set includes all images currently available from Scholars Resource that correlate to this textbook. We strive to offer coverage as complete as possible, but it is currently not possible for us to acquire rights for all images in the textbook. Please review the chapter listings to see the exact coverage available.

The Basic Digital Images set, CDR-1259, consists of:
6 images from Davis Art Images

193 images from Saskia, Ltd.

18 images from Hartill Art Associates

57 images from Archivision, Inc.

1 images from Canyonlights Photography

12 images from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

7 images from Anthony Scibilia

1 images from Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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Expanded Digital Images Set

The Expanded Digital Images set expands on the Basic set by including all alternate views of each work covered. This allows further, detailed, study of the works represented in the textbook.

The Expanded Digital Images set, CDR-1260, consists of:
8 images from Davis Art Images

771 images from Saskia, Ltd.

133 images from Hartill Art Associates

1,347 images from Archivision, Inc.

2 images from Canyonlights Photography

13 images from The Metropolitan Museum of Art

118 images from Anthony Scibilia

1 images from Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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Chapters List

Chapter 0
Chapter Title: Introduction: Art in Context
# of Images: 12
Chapter 1
Chapter Title: The Origins of the Renaissance
# of Images: 3
Chapter 2
Chapter Title: Rome: Artists, Popes, and Cardinals
# of Images: 2
Chapter 3
Chapter Title: Assisi and Padua: Narrative Realism
# of Images: 7
Chapter 4
Chapter Title: Florence: Traditions and Innovations
# of Images: 13
Chapter 5
Chapter Title: Siena: City of the Virgin
# of Images: 30
Chapter 6
Chapter Title: Naples: art for a Royal Kingdom
# of Images: 2
Chapter 7
Chapter Title: Venice: The Most Serene Republic
# of Images: 15
Chapter 8
Chapter Title: Pisa and Florence: Morality and Judgment
# of Images: 11
Chapter 9
Chapter Title: Visconti Miland and Carrara Padua
# of Images: 8
Chapter 10
Chapter Title: Florence: Commune and Guild
# of Images: 41
Chapter 11
Chapter Title: Florence: The Medici and Political Propaganda
# of Images: 26
Chapter 12
Chapter Title: Rome: Re-establishing Papal Power
# of Images: 15
Chapter 13
Chapter Title: Venice: Affirming the Past and Present
# of Images: 23
Chapter 14
Chapter Title: Courtly Art: The Gothic and Classic
# of Images: 25
Chapter 15
Chapter Title: Sforza Milan
# of Images: 12
Chapter 16
Chapter Title: Lombardy: Instability and Religious Fervor
# of Images: 2
Chapter 17
Chapter Title: Florence: The Renewed Republic
# of Images: 9
Chapter 18
Chapter Title: Rome: Julius II, Leo X, and Clement VII
# of Images: 35
Chapter 19
Chapter Title: Mantua, Parma, and Genoa: The Arts at Court
# of Images: 12
Chapter 20
Chapter Title: Florence: Mannerism and the Medici
# of Images: 29
Chapter 21
Chapter Title: Venice: Vision and Monumentality
# of Images: 31
Chapter 22
Chapter Title: The Rome of Paul III
# of Images: 10
Chapter 23
Chapter Title: The Demands of the Council of Trent
# of Images: 9
Chapter 24
Chapter Title: Northern Italy: Reform and Innovation
# of Images: 2
Chapter 25
Chapter Title: Rome: A European Capital City
# of Images: 6