Subscriptions Available

The Saskia Library

Access to the entire Saskia Archive of 34,000 images photographed on site by an art historian over a period of some 40 years. Unprecedented access to the major art collections of Europe resulted in an internationally recognized Image Library for teaching art, art history and the humanities. Saskia images have been published in numerous publication and are regularly included in art history textbooks.


Scholars Resource Image Sets

Subscribe only to what you need for a brief period of time! Some 275 Image Sets are available for subscription on a semester/yearly or multi-yearly basis. Fees are low; quick and fast access is provided by Image Sets are assembled from over 275,000 images available from 16 Image Vendors in the Scholars Resource depository. Image Sets are assembled for teaching art, art history, humanities, history, sciences and cultural research.


How can we access the images?

Access is provided by vrcHost on MDID, developed at James Madison University. Instant access to images and extensive metadata allows for immediate viewing, searching and sorting and—in addition—offers hosting of your own content.

What will it cost?

Subscriptions are available to institutions only. Image files are 1,074x768 pixels. Fees for Image Sets are based on the number of images in each set. The annual fee for the Saskia Library is based on student population. For your quote, please write to or