Latin American

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SR Set: Latin America: Nicaragua
Title: SR Set: Latin America: Nicaragua
Description: Catholic worship in Latin America: Historic in Leon, Nicaragua and modern in Managua, Nicaragua.
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SR Set: Restoration in Havana, Cuba
Title: SR Set: Restoration in Havana, Cuba
Description: The opening of the American Embassy in Havana, Cuba in August of 2015 has sparked increased interest in visiting the island. The elegant photography of Canadian Marlene Harris (prev. Hartill) of Veritas Imaging, opens our eyes to the amazing restoration of outstanding examples of early Spanish colonial architecture and some classic examples of early twentieth century in this once grand city of Havana. It is to be hoped that increased tourism will encourage and speed up work on an even wider scale. This Image Set includes examples of unrestored as well as beautifully restored buildings of great dignity.
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SR Set: Rediscovering Cuba
Title: SR Set: Rediscovering Cuba
Description: Havana, Cuba is celebrating it's foundation 500 years ago! Our Canadian friends and vendors have discovered--and documented--Cuba's fascinating architecture and--lately--its extraordinary efforts at restoration of many historic buildings in Havana. Scholars Resource offers a glimpse of what awaits!
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SR Set: Meso-American Art and South American Art
Title: SR Set: Meso-American Art and South American Art
Description: Our group offers monuments from the Yucatan sites of Chichen Itza, Mayapan, Uxmal, and Tulum. In Peru the notable ruins of Machu Picchu are well documented with particular attention paid to architectural details illustrating their distinctive masonry techniques. Other Incan sites include Ollantaytambo, Qenko, and Sacsayhuaman.
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SR Set: Spanish Colonial
Title: SR Set: Spanish Colonial
Description: The Spanish Colonial Style dominated in the early Spanish colonies of North and South America. Images included in this Set are historic and documentary in nature: Spaniards interacting with Natives, Spaniards converting Natives to Christianity and churches and missions built to solidify Spanish and Christian influence.
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SR Set: Spanish Colonial
Title: SR Set: Spanish Colonial
Description: Spanish Colonial Architecture from Barry Kiracofe
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