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SR Set: Decorative Arts in Western Culture
Title: SR Set: Decorative Arts in Western Culture
Description: Great art can teach us so much about technique, skill, patience and the value of mentors and/or masters who pass on their skill. Appreciating great art includes the realization that a high value was placed on supporting craftsmanship and expressions of individual creativity and ingenuity. In viewing these beautiful objects gathered in this Set--randomly selected from a wide selection--we pay homage to those artist who worked so diligently on these precious objects and whose efforts are not often acknowledged in the standard art history repertoire.
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SR Set: What's New at Scholars Resource?
Title: SR Set: What's New at Scholars Resource?
Description: Modern Art? American Museums? American Art? A range of ethnic art? What comes to mind? ... DAVIS Art Images! Scholars Resource is happy to now offer the entire archive that Davis has assembled over a period of more than 50 years. Selected here are but a few examples of the broad range of over 25,000 Davis images that now includes the valuable Modern Art component of the already extensive Scholars Resource offering.
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SR Textbook Set: Design Elements
Title: SR Textbook Set: Design Elements
Description: The vendors of Scholars Resource offer a rich variety of images suitable to accompany any design course. The images in this set have been selected to illustrate a diverse range of design elements for the following areas: 1) architectural design, 2) product design, 3) fashion design, 4) interior design, 5) graphic arts, 6) materials and 7) techniques. Basic design concepts, such as form and composition, material and technique, perspective and foreshortening, proportion and scale, line, color, and texture have all been included. The following texts have been consulted for the compilation of the set: Dempsey, Art in the Modern Era; Eskilson, Graphic Design: a New History; Heisinger & Marcus, Landmarks of Twentieth-Century Design; Heller, Teaching Graphic Design; Hollis, Graphic Design: A Concise History; Livingston, Dictionary of Graphic Design and Designers; Meggs, A History of Graphic Design; Raizman, History of Modern Design. Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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SR-Set: The Theater Milieu
Title: SR-Set: The Theater Milieu
Description: The heady atmosphere of the theater is presented here in the colorful imagery of lush interiors and historic set designs, dramatic actors, operatic figures, graceful dancers, elegant costumes, glamorous theater-goers, and theaters ancient and modern. These exquisite images evoke the rich legacy of the theater appealing in particular to students of the arts, music, theater, and literary fields. (April 2010) Please note: Academic Image Sets are offered to show the breadth of our collections. You do not need to order an entire set; you can also order individual images from each Set.
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Highlighting Scholars Resource's vendors: ARCHIVISION
Title: Highlighting Scholars Resource's vendors: ARCHIVISION
Description: Traveling the world in search of inspiration, Scott Gilchrist documents architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and public art through the eyes of an architect and artist. His finely tuned eye captures art history’s iconic buildings--as well as those that are simply interesting—from Toronto and Montreal to Moscow, from North Africa to Beijing and Washington and presents them with rich, accurate data to educators and visual image professionals. Special collections on architectural elements, plans, drawings and topographical views help us to understand technique, design, cultures and the many building materials used over time. Scholars Resource now includes images from all modules through number 10, bringing the total number of images to 78,000. See the extensive collection at, then click on Vendor and Archivision.
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SR Set: Japanese Art: Netsuke and Inro
Title: SR Set: Japanese Art: Netsuke and Inro
Description: Netsuke are tiny sculpted objects made of ivory, wood, ceramic, and other unusual materials, which were meant to support small belongings hung from the belt of a pocket-less Japanese Kimono. An inro, comprised of small lacquered nested boxes and designed to carry small items, or a tobacco pouch, was suspended from the obi with the use of the netsuke and the aid of a carved ojime bead. These images, largely from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, give us a look at intricate design and elegant beauty of art forms uniquely Japanese.
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SR Set: Scale Models from Ancient to Modern Times
Title: SR Set: Scale Models from Ancient to Modern Times
Description: This diverse and entertaining set, with examples arranged in roughly chronological order, is drawn from over a dozen different Scholars Resource vendors, and is appropriate to a number of disciplines. Found here is a model of the Solar Barge of the Pharaoh Khufu from 2500 BCE, unearthed beside the Great Pyramid; a variety of models made from Leonardo da Vinci's drawings; or a model of the Bastille carved from a single large stone of the demolished prison. Architectural models are well represented, and accompanied with images of the completed buildings. Other examples include funerary models, religious or ceremonial paraphernalia, and historical or cultural reconstructions as in the artists' renditions of the Tower of Babel.
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SR Set: Furniture
Title: SR Set: Furniture
Description: Furniture reflects the changing styles, needs and cultural influences over the years. Our collection is rich in examples of Baroque to modern design with particular emphasis on fine specimen from the Museum of Modern Art.
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